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meridian mannequin

Acupuncture is one modality that is used in the scope of Asian Medicine. It was developed, and has been used continually, for more than 3000 years. It is based on the concept of “Qi” or “Chi”, often translated as life force energy. Qi moves through pathways, known as ‘meridians’ or ‘channels’, like water in rivers and streams. Meridians are connected with organs in our bodies such as Liver, Heart, Kidneys, etc. When Qi becomes blocked, isn’t sufficient, flows with difficulty – the result is dis-ease, pain, emotional and physical imbalances and/or delayed healing. Acupuncture uses very thin sterile single use needles. They are placed at specific junctures to restore the smooth flow of Qi and balance our physical, emotional and energetic aspects.

Receiving an acupuncture session is so relaxing, people often fall asleep. It is usually painless, sometimes some discomfort during insertion of the needles. If a particular needle creates pain, it will be removed. Retention time is about 30 minutes for most adults; adolescents and younger adults often closer to 15 minutes.

People often wonder how many sessions they will need to resolve their conditions.
Answer: it depends because each person is unique and has their own co-factors. A general guide is for every week you have had your condition – one treatment to resolve it. So yes, for issues which have continued for years, many sessions. These conditions are greatly aided by botanical medicine therapies. Acupuncture also regulates our nervous system and digestion, boosts immunity, relieves stress, calms the mind and is therefore wonderful to receive on a monthly basis to stay healthy.


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