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Book Time!

I have acquired knowledge from numerous sources and people in 25+ years of studying holistic medicine. Below are some books which have great information, are understandable (I hope) and stretch your brain a bit. I keep all of them in the office. Take a look next time you are in!

open book

The Spark in the Machine by Dr. Daniel Keown, a British doctor and acupuncturist, offers wonderful analogies and connects-the-dots of Western and Chinese Medicine.

Fire Child Water Child, written by Stephen Scott Cowan, MD, a NY holistic pediatrician gears his book to parents of children with ADHD diagnosis. It is insightful for much more. The 5 elements of nature in Asian Medicine is the basis: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen has 3 authors; Yuan, Wang, Warren Sheir and Mika Ono. It is filled with simple recipes, but the great bonus is the explanations of what food does to a body and the energetics of food. I have given the recipe of “Sticky sesame and walnut balls” to those with insomnia on page 215.

Fascia, a sort of connective tissue, exists throughout our bodies and is what I often address with acupuncture for pain. Thomas Myers has 40 years experience of working with and teaching others how to address fascia has written, and co-written several books and articles. Anatomy Trains is probably his best known.

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