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Cupping Season!

It’s dry and windy. Mornings and nights are cold. Our lungs inhale and exhale EVERYTHING. In Chinese Medicine they are largely responsible for our wei qi (immunity from external pathogens). Seasonal changes can be challenging if you suffer from allergies, asthma or other chronic respiratory conditions. Strengthen your lungs with botanical medicines, acupuncture, qi gong, yoga and cupping!

glass cups on back

Fifty percent of my sessions this week have included flash cupping. It strengthens lungs and clears mucous from them. One cup is used at a time and it is quickly and repeatedly placed and removed on upper chest and/or back areas. Bruising is minimal or not at all. I use glass cups because they are the only material which can be sterilized; some people use bamboo cups for this technique. It is necessary to keep the area warm and well covered for 24 hours after this treatment. I do recommend you get this from experienced practitioners; it is a sub-specialty and not taught to massage therapists (that I know of).

If you have chronic allergies, I highly recommend a good quality air purifier in your bedroom. Don’t suffer and make your lungs work more than necessary!

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