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Letting Go….

Autumn is definitely here; the sun is lower, evenings are cool and tomorrow is the equinox. In Asian Medicine, Autumn is associated with the metal element and Lung and Large Intestine organs. Both these organs are concerned with release and letting go. The Lung is responsible for the exhalation of breath and Large Intestine releases solid waste materials. The corresponding emotions of Lung are sadness, grief, disappointment.


Take advantage of this season which is so supportive of letting go of all things which do not serve you in present time. This includes clutter in your home or habits/patterns which are not beneficial. Start your day with some Lung clearing and strengthening qi gong, it combines movement, breath and sound.

If you have been feeling bloated, have skin issues, constipation, overall imbalanced, it may be time for some Large Intestine cleansing. This yoga exercise is good for both Lung and Large Intestine meridians (energy pathways).

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