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Miso – the Healer

Good miso broth is my GO TO for almost everyone. If you drink coffee in the morning – your body will thank you if you first have a cup of good miso broth (after some water). Digestive discomfort? – drink some of this healing broth. If you experience digestive disorders more days than not, and it doesn’t matter why – drink 1 cup in morning and one in evening before dinner.

What is miso and what makes this paste, so beneficial? Miso is made with a double fermentation process with cooked beans, salt, and cultured or fermented grain, rice or barley. The mixture is then fermented in wooden vats for 1-3 years. In general, the longer the fermentation process the more medicinal the miso becomes and the flavor is stronger. Other beans or legumes which may be used include chickpeas, azuki and black beans. 

Because miso is fermented, it is naturally a probiotic. Probiotics create good bacteria in the digestive system, are very supportive for immunity, improve digestion and help heal leaky gut syndrome. Amazingly, miso is nutritiously balanced with natural carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, protein and readily digestible amino acids. Miso has the reputation of being able to alkalinize the body and neutralize acid forming foods such as sugar, meat and alcohol.

South River Miso makes the highest quality organic miso I have found. It can be ordered from their website or locally it is available at Briar Patch Food Co-op in Grass Valley. If you buy at the co-op there is no delivery charge, which is quite steep. Once you receive it, keep it refrigerated and it will basically keep forever.

Alternative Eating blog states: “ It breaks down and discharges cholesterol, neutralizes the effects of smoking and environmental pollution, alkalinizes the blood and prevents radiation sickness. Miso has been used to treat certain types of heart disease and cancer. It helps with bed wetting, tobacco poisoning, hangovers, burns and wounds. A fine food for traveling (dry it by roasting over a low flame in skillet), miso gives warmth and life and the wisdom of age to those who consume it daily.”

For your overall health – drink a cup of miso daily!

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