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More than Hand Washing

Realistically no vaccine for COVID-19 will be available for 12-18 months. Other than frequent and thorough hand washing, cleaning or not touching surfaces where virus or bacteria may be, sleeping and eating well to maintain your immune system – what can you do?

Know that all coronoviruses effect the lungs. Prior respiratory compromise has been an aspect in many people who have been hospitalized and died from COVID-19. Two great Western herbs to strengthen lungs and combat viruses are:

  • Grindellia (aka gumweed) – supports and soothes the respiratory system and assists in the normal production and elimination of mucous. One of the COVID-19 symptoms is a dry cough. If the cough is dry – the lungs have more trouble expelling it. This herb is considered bitter and acrid
  • Lomatium (aka indian or desert parsley) – antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and non-toxic! This anti-viral is particularly useful for lungs. Dose you see on bottle is for acute condition. To use as preventative, a 1/4 dose is enough once daily. A website page with more detail on its use in 1917 pandemic flu and studies of it.
  • Osha Root *- normally this herb would be included, but it is on the endangered herb list, so it is a no to use.
Petri dish

Chinese herbs are rarely used individually. Formulas are customized for the individual and condition. Formulas change with symptoms and stages of diseases. According to herbal principles, it is necessary to weaken the disease but not the patient so if a patient is depleted, synergy of the herbs is extremely important. Hospitals in China have been treating COVID-19 patients with both Western pharmaceuticals and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Currently 22 ancient formulas are being used. Some modifications may be employed for specificity.

Acupuncturists who have herbal pharmacies in their clinics, including myself, have the necessary herbs and skills to strengthen immunity and combat viruses. If you are concerned, please speak to your local acupuncturist/herbalist.

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