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It’s midsummer and who doesn’t want some sweet, juicy, thirst quenching wonderful watermelon?

watermelon slice

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), all foods consist of energetic properties and effect certain organs more than others; medicinal properties! Watermelon is cold and sweet, enters (effects) the Bladder, Heart and Stomach.

Because the Bladder is effected, cold watermelon helps our bodies clear heat via urination. The cooling effect on the Heart calms our Spirit, eases frustration and helps us to feel joy.

If your digestive system is challenged, pay attention. If constipated, which may occur in summer due the heat, watermelon will help you have a bowel movement. But, if you experience a general loss of appetite, diarrhea, bloating, cramping – it is important to limit watermelon and other cold foods. Although you might experience warm sensations from the outdoor temperature, it is likely you have internal cold in your digestive organs. Your body doesn’t need you adding more cold.

If you really want watermelon, and know it is best if you don’t, there is a compromise: watermelon & arugula salad. The warming properties of arugula will help balance the cold. Add some olive oil and black pepper, maybe even fresh lime juice and you have a balanced salad.

P.S. Don’t throw out all the seeds. Boil them in water and drink the fluid as a tea. I’ve read this will aid the Kidneys.

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