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Wildfire Smoke ….

In August I wrote a blog on wildfire smoke, with no thought we would be living with it again 3 months later from the Camp Fire disaster. In addition to the tea recipe below: poached pears are great for lungs which are coping with all the smoke. Poaching the pears with some lemon and fresh ginger will help your immune system. Best to eat the pears while they are warm, or reheat as needed, and drink the liquid.

bosc pears

My Detox Tea for Wildfires: all ingredients are in your local health food store’s bulk herb section. Buy 1-2 ounces each, combine all and store in mason jar. 1 tsp in teaball for 3-4 cups hot water. Steep 5-10 minutes. Drink 3 cups daily.

Equal parts each

  • Lemongrass: good for achy joints, exhaustion
  • Milk Thistle: supports liver
  • Osha Root: LUNG health, detoxification and support
  • Nettle Leaf: allergy relief, analgesic pain relief and anti-inflammatory
  • Plantain leaf: cough, cold, and lung irritation
  • Burdock root: protect liver, detoxify blood, help protect the body from damaging free radicals.
  • Yellow Dock root: inflammation of nasal passages and the respiratory tract.
  • Green Tea (anti-inflammatory+) &/or Rooibois Tea ( lowers stress hormones +)

Stay Safe

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