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Women & Jaw Pain

Today, the first Friday in February is Heart Awareness Day. Two heart episodes which cause fear are:

  • Heart Attack: when one of the coronary arteries becomes blocked the heart muscle does not get its needed blood. If left untreated, this muscle will begin to die because it is not getting enough oxygen. This is considered a “plumbing” problem.
  • Cardiac Arrest: when a heart stops pumping blood around the body and normal breathing stops. This is due to heart rhythm malfunction and is considered an “electrical” problem.

As you probably know, symptoms for women experiencing a heart attack are different than men. Movies have ingrained in us the images of men gripping their left arms and chests in pain. Women may have that experience, however, it is more likely they will have chest pressure which comes and goes with rest, left sided jaw pain, pain between the scapula and dizziness. To learn more about women’s heart health and danger signs, check out this Mayo Clinic website.

Chronic jaw pain has two main causes: TMJ and sinus inflammation. Both respond well with acupuncture.

If the TMJ was not caused by an accident, it is likely due to teeth grinding and/or jaw clenching. Acupuncture and myofascial release work to relieve stress and open the channels in the jaw and neck area are effective relief modalities, as well as unlearning those destructive habits.

Sinusitis will often cause pain around the eyes, forehead, and upper jaw. Acupuncture quickly opens the nasal and sinus passages to relieve the pressure. Along with herbal therapy to reduce inflammation, clear congestion and benefit the lungs, long term relief is achieved!

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