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Year of the White Rat

A new year starts January 25th, according to the Chinese astrological calendar. Lillian Bridges, who has been making predictions for 20 years, according to TCM 5 element system, did it again last night. Here are some of the highlights:

First know the color is white and the element is Water & Metal. Metal feeds Water, so it should be harmonious…but, this will also be a Yang year. And Yang is about action, so it might not all be smooth sailing.

The good news: Values of good character will be awarded. People will be fed up with bad behavior. Hypocrisy will no longer be tolerated. Health overall will improve, including stabilization of chronic illnesses. Even insomnia should be less! Creativity and inspiration will be enhanced. This is great year for dating, flirting and sex. If in long term relationship, make time for dates, sex and fun. Because of the Water element, it is a good year for deep personal process work, including old traumas.

Challenges: During autumn & winter there will likely be flooding, rogue waves, atmospheric rivers, blizzards, avalanches & wind storms. Because of weather problems food crops will be lost and famine in some parts of the world will be a challenge. Not a good year for sailing and ocean shipping because of the unpredictable ocean. And because the Fire element is hidden underground earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are likely.

Worldwide: climate scientists will actually be heard, new ideas will spread, long-term politicians will be out because youth will be empowered, past deceptions will continue to rise and be seen and the desire to be with like minded social advocates will be here.

To counteract bad rat energy, ox charms of metal or jade are advised.

Gong Hei Fat Choy!

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