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Disaster Fatigue

Many of us seem to be experiencing disaster fatigue. It is psychological overwhelm due to an overload of disaster related news. In 2020 we are experiencing natural disasters, political and racist events as well as the pandemic related tragedies. Exposure to stressful events may activate our fight or flight response. Our adrenal glands secrete more cortisol and adrenaline than actually necessary and these hormones increase blood pressure and heart rate. When this happens repeatedly, our adrenal glands can fatigue.

Symptoms include anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, depression, irritability, nightmares, heart palpitations, difficulty problem solving and memory issues. Another interesting phenomenon is the inability to listen to others. In conversation, we/they may often interrupt, not allowing others to speak. It’s difficult to be a listener when your own thoughts are too loud.

To combat, or manage disaster fatigue:

Set time limits on news time

Avoid sugar and alcohol

Practice gratitude


Use relaxation techniques with qi gong, yoga and meditation.

Exercise and take walks in nature whenever possible

Spend time doing something which gives you joy: cooking, gardening, time with friends, music, etc.

Practice mindfulness with; check out as a refresher or to learn!


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