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FASCIA & Acupuncture

Fascia is connective tissue which encases every organ, bone and muscle in our bodies and is part of its own web The ‘casing’ is similar to sausage casing or imagine every organ, muscle and tendon wearing a stocking. It supports our structure with its strong connective plasticity and generates its own electricity! Yes, there are studies which prove this.

Because fascia is the conduit for electrical energy which has specific pathways, it is now theorized this is also Qi in acupuncture. Western anatomy books describe and show fascia planes (large and small fascia patterns). Diagrams in acupuncture books show meridan pathways. These planes and pathways are very similar in overlay or side by side observation.

Fascia can become tight, develop imbalances, twists and other irregularities. It can pull on muscles and bones preventing full range of movement and be painful. Myofascia Release is the hands on bodywork which addresses this. Techniques taught by Ida Rolf, James Barnes and Thomas Myers are the best known and most often used in the the United States.

Acupuncture combined with myofacia release techniques is a fantastic combination to relieve and and correct chronic muscular imbalances and tightness.

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